Monday, August 27, 2012

Portfolio/ Studies

I thought it would be best to try to update this with some more current work seeing how today was first day of classes over at TAD. But most of what Is posted here is just more portfolio or personal studies.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Portfolio and ME

For my first post I shall display my current portfolio and then I will perhaps add some information to better flesh out, ME. :3

   I start here not out of ego, although many would claim otherwise, but instead out of an attempt to provide answers and guidance to questions not easily available when I myself started out. Call me Demo, I am some what of an freelance artist, Illustrator, Concept Artist, Designer, etc... they are all the same thing. While that all sounds glorious and exotic I will ad one little caveat in that I am barley beginning and I am still currently a student. I have recently been accepted into The Art Department for Entertainment Art which very much excites me, but with that a whole new level of financial burden as well as stress seems to await me O_o I shall use this blog to record my experiences and studies while attending TAD which looks to be absolutely wonderful judging by the work of recent students, if not as well as hectic and rigorous. 
Thank you in Advance for stopping by my blog and looking through my work.